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Welcome to the device which stops snoring!

 Sleep:  it is a precious commodity.  Snoring can ruin the quality of sleep a person gets at night because the loud noises men make at night when they sleep can keep the other partner up in bed at night.  Snoring has even ruined some marriages.  A new product called Snore b Gone promises to stop the nighttime scourge of snoring for good.  This article delves deep into this snoring solution, describing what it is and what its benefits are for its users!

The causes of snoring 

Snoring is a serious medical condition which is referred to as ‘obstructive sleep apnea’ by medical professionals.  It occurs when the nervous system and brain do not function correctly when the snorer sleeps.  The muscles around the tongue relax and become flaccid.  This allows the tongue to move freely, thereby creating the annoying noises associated with night snoring!  The unobstructed tongue otherwise blocks the esophagus and this allows air to move from the snorer’s lungs to his or her mouth, and this creates the annoying noises associated with snoring.  

Why snore b gone?

Snore b Gone is a mouth guard and comes in an attractive blue plastic case.  It is very comfortable for the user, and works by holding his or her jaw in place, thereby ensuring that the tongue stays in place and that the mouth stays shut.  This keeps the user from snoring at night!  People like it because of the many benefits it offers them, including : 

  • It reduces the user’s blood pressure.  
    • This, in turn, supports heart health and functioning
  • By eliminating snoring, it allows the user to sleep better at night.
    •  This ensures that the person wakes up rested and feeling fresh in the morning.
  • When people don’t snore, they not only enjoy better sleep at night, but the levels of oxygen in their blood rise dramatically
    • This ensures that their brain remains functionally optimal during deep sleep
    • It also prevents deadly health conditions, including sleep apnea.
  • Snore b gone improves the user’s health by lowering the risk of developing serious health issues like:  diabetes, headaches, the inability to focus, and stroke!
  • Snore b gone also supports better breathing at night, ensuring that the otherwise would be snorer enjoys a complete and uninterrupted sleep at night!

How snore b gone works ?

It supports the chin, ensuring that it stays stable.  It also keeps the lower jaw in an upright position, thereby ensuring that the user does not snore at night.  A lower jaw that is intact will increase the amount of area in the inside of the mouth.  This is crucial in term of preventing snoring.

Conclusion -: Many anti snoring products currently exist on the market.  While they have great effects for snorers, none stops snoring as completely as snore b gone.  Both snorers and their partners will be happy after having used snore b gone because they will find that the quality of their sleep will increase, and that their brains and vital organs are rejuvenated in the morning because of the greater oxygen flows to both at night when the would be snorer and his or her partner sleeps.



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