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How you can be fresh in the morning?

Have you ever heard of the song ‘brother Jack…morning bells are ringing?’  Well morning times are a time to start the day anew and fresh.  However, many people start their mornings out groggy and sleepy.  The answer may not be because they didn’t get enough sleep, but that they didn’t get enough quality sleep.  This article explains ways people can sleep well and improve their sleep quality.

Exposure to sunlight during the day time helps people sleep better at night 

People who get poor quality of sleep at night wake up tired, cranky, groggy, and sleepy because poor quality of sleep adversely affects the functioning of their brains, their ability to exercise well, and the effect hormones have on their bodies.  It is imperative that people sleep well at night then.  One way they can improve the quality of their nightly sleep is to ensure that they are exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight or bright light during the daytime.  This is because it ensures that the body’s natural timekeeping clock - the circadian rhythm functions optimally and allows people to go to sleep at a reasonable time at night, and stay asleep until a reasonable time in the morning to ensure that they get an adequate amount of quality sleep at night.  

Exposure to blue light keeps people up longer at night 

People should also dramatically reduce the amount of blue light that they are exposed to during the evening time, and at night time.  If they do this, then they will find that they will fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer because exposure to bright lights at night time confuses the circadian rhythm into thinking that it is still day time.  The amount of melatonin, the hormone that induces a relaxed feeling and state of mind in people which allows them to fall asleep faster and remain in deep sleep for longer, is dramatically reduced as a result.  Digital devices and computers emit the highest amounts of blue light; therefore their usage should be limited at night.  People can also reduce the amount of blue light they are exposed to at night by wearing glasses which block it.  They can download apps which will help block the blue lights their computers and digital devices emit, they can cease watching television (TV is a major emitter of blue light) and turn off bright lights two hours before they sleep.

Caffeine consumption late in the day keeps people up longer at night 

The reason why is because it stimulates their nervous systems, thereby preventing their bodies from relaxing enough to go to sleep.  People should cease consuming foods and drinks with high amounts of caffeine at least six hours before they go to bed! 

Irregular naps or napping during the daytime affects people's’ ability to sleep well at night!

They should be avoided as much as possible as a result.  This is because daytime naps confuse the circadian clock into thinking it is night time.  It does not fully or properly activate at night as a result and people have a harder time falling asleep at night.  Daytime naps can actually make people feel sleepy during daytime hours! 

In today’s busy world, ‘a good night’s sleep’ is a precious commodity.  However these and other tips will even help people with the worst cases of insomnia fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for a long period of time.


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