Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder: Act now for a better tomorrow

Just as it is necessary to breadth and eat, sleep is equally important for our overall health. We all have experienced sleepless nights and have also gone through the many issues we come across the next day – lazy feelings, dizziness, irritable mood, lack of concentration and what not.

Proper sleep is very important and paramount to our health. It is just not that we get some rest in the night when we sleep, but our body functions very crucial functions when we are deep in our dreams. You can do without proper sleep for a day or two sometimes, but if it is a consistence problem, it is called sleep disorder or sleep apnea or insomnia.

If sleep disorder is not attended to in time via insomnia disorder treatment methods than it could land you up in serious health troubles. It could lead to lack of immunity (making you more prone to infections), effect heart health, lower memory and lack of concentration, frequent mood swings, weight gain, anxiety and depression are just a few.

However, there is good news for those who have fallen prey to insomnia. There are various sleep disorder treatment which one can undertake to get back the sleep in place. The effectiveness of the treatment methods totally depends upon the emotional state and the environment of the one suffering from insomnia. It is more of finding the root cause of the problem rather than attacking the disease at the first go.

In general there are four means of treating sleep disorders. Firstly it is the psycho therapeutic or behavioral treatment, the second is rehabilitation or management technique, the third is medication and the last is other somatic methods of treatments. Which one suits you, depends on your real conditions that a medical practitioner can best advice.

 Apart from all the four ways of treating sleep disorder, there is another superficial way of treating the problem. It is called the sleep apnea or sleep disorder mask. It is a mask and something similar used for patients that you might have seen in ICU (Intensive Care Units). It is also used here for patients suffering from obstructive apnea.

With the help of this mask the sufferer is able to sleep better. Although there is disturbances in the sleep, but the maintained pressurized air flow forces him to breadth continuously and because of it the patient sleeps uninterrupted and better. The mask blows pressurized air as directed and instructed by the doctor, and maintaining a steady flow of air and allowing the person to sleep better.



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