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Did you know that bacteria can clean out your gut?

When you think about bacteria, you think about single celled organisms who wreak havoc on the body, making it sicker in the process.  You may not think that bacteria can be beneficial for the human body, and that it can help the human body heal and maintain its natural balance, but this is true.  Some bacteria can even clean out people’s digestive systems, more commonly referred to as ‘the gut’ These bacteria are called probiotics and are most commonly found in certain dairy products, namely yogurt.  Many health companies are marketing this bacteria to the masses, branding it a ‘wonder drug!’ One such wonder drug is probio 7 and is the subject of this article. 

Probiotic bacteria are found in excess in the digestive system in comparison to the rest of the human body.  In fact, they are ten times more prevalent in ‘the gut’ than in the rest of the human body! Probio 7 Probiotic is marketed in capsule form and contains many of the ‘gut cleaning’ probiotic bacteria the body needs to ‘stay regular.’  It needs no refrigeration and can be taken at any time of the day. Users no longer need to eat tubs of yogurt and other dairy products to stay regular. They can now take the Probio 7 Probiotic capsule and remain regular all of the time.  Probio 7 Probiotic is loaded with gut friendly probiotic bacteria, with each capsule containing more than four million probiotic bacteria! These bacteria are associated with two fiber types: soy and fructo-oligosaccharide which together support and act as a catalyst for the probiotic bacteria to act in the digestive system.   

Probio 7 Probiotic contains many active ingredients, some of which are discussed below.  L. Acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria which relieves gas and bloating. It helps people who are lactose intolerant, or have difficulty digesting the lactase sugar in dairy products.  These people are able to digest the lactase sugar after taking the probiotic. The probiotic bacteria has been shown to be 61% effective in reducing the prevalence of the deadly bacteria e-coli from the digestive system.  It is also effective in lowering overall body cholesterol levels, and is instrumental in assisting with the creation of the vital vitamin, vitamin K. It also helps to strengthen the immune system. 

Another active ingredient, L. Casei is instrumental in supporting the body’s overall immune system.  It inhibits the deadly bacteria H. pyorli, and fights deadly infections and allergies caused by skin disease.  The probiotic B. Bifidum is commonly found in the digestive systems of infants, and in the large intestines. It supports the production of vitamins in the digestive system, it inhibits harmful bacteria, it supports the immune system, and it helps to prevent diarrhea.   

The probiotic bacteria mentioned above are just a few of the many ‘wonder bacteria’ found in the ‘wonder drug’ Probio 7 Probiotic.  This probiotic is instrumental in improving the overall balance of the digestive system, the body, and the immune system. This leads to a generally improved quality of life and is the reason why this probiotic bacteria is so popular now!


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