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PhysioTru Omega - Real Heart Attack Defender Supplement

PhysioTru Omega supplement also called Heart Attack Fighter is an incredible product that prevents the occurrence of some heart conditions, such as heart attack. PhysioTru Omega is a powerful and all-natural supplement that helps you avoid the frequent doctor visits and you will instead enjoy all the benefits of an energized and healthier lifestyle. PhysioTru Omega supplement was developed by Dr. Sam Walters, who has extensive experience in the health industry. Dr. Sam Walters has diverse knowledge on heart conditions, the overall human body, and experiences with patients how have enabled him to develop this unique product that works very well for both women and men of all ages Did you know that, on average, 790,000 adults in the United States suffer from a heart attack? Cardiovascular disease claims 800,000 lives every year in the United States. It’s an epidemic that is only being amplified by the foods people eat. Obesity is definitely a contributing factor. But there is more you can do to help keep your heart healthy. Exercise, losing weight and the right lifestyle choices can help. And there is Physio Omega, which has been strategically designed to help defend against heart attacks. You can strengthen your heart and lower your risks of clenching your chest in pain while rushing to the emergency room. PhysioTru supplements are some of the best in the world. A trusted name in supplementation, Physio Omega may be the best omega-3 supplement on the planet.


Dr. Sam Walters has been practicing medicine for over 44 years, was a consultant for NASA, and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. Along with his medical license, Dr. Sam Walters holds a Bachelor of Science in Bio Nutrition, as well as a Master of Science in Biology degree with a focus on Clinical Nutrition from Columbia College. Dr Sam Walters is a Diplomat of The American Council in Applied Clinical Nutrition, a member of the American Association of Bariatric Physicians, and has also worked with the aerospace program we know as NASA to create nutritional products to be used by their astronauts. Before choosing a formula, it is imperative to consider the brains behind the product. In this case, PhysioTru Omega-3 was developed by Dr. Sam Walters, a professional with years of experience in the health industry. His knowledge about the human body, heart conditions, and experiences with his patients have enabled him to devise a product that works well for men and women of all ages and conditions. With his product, his patients and so many others have been able to experience higher energy, vitality, stronger heart health, a better body, and so much more. Now, when you opt for this product, you too can find it to be your one-stop solution for optimal health and wellness.  Heart issues are amazingly normal. Current examinations demonstrate that the greater part of Americans experience the ill effects of wellbeing conditions that cause different sorts of heart issues. While there are numerous things that you can do to attempt and alleviate your danger of building up a heart assault, much of the time your endeavors may not be as compelling as you are seeking after. To really encounter the outcomes that you are endeavoring to accomplish, the best arrangement is to attempt a supplement that is sheltered, common, and that has demonstrated to work. With that, this audit might want to acquaint you with Heart Attack Fighter. This supplement, otherwise called PhysioTru is an item rich in omega-3 unsaturated fats, which are known to assist furnish your heart with the help vital for ideal well being.

What is Physio Omega?

Physio Omega is a supplement offered through PhysioTru that is recommended by health experts and elite fitness experts. Why? The company offers a product that aims to do a few things:

  • Reduces cravings, improves energy and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Helps the body’s metabolism function more efficiently to burn fat faster.
  • Boosts a person’s mood and well being.
  • Cortisol levels, induced by stress, are managed.
  • Provides cardiovascular health support through the control of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides. Insulin function is supported, allowing for excess sugar to be managed rather than be stored as fat. And all it takes is just two capsules each morning to strengthen and defend your heart from a heart attack. There are only a few people who shouldn’t take this product: Children, Pregnant women, Nursing women

If you’re on prescription medicine, you’ll want to consult with your doctor to ensure that Physio Omega will not have any adverse side effects. Physio Omega has been tested to help promote energy and a healthier heart. Studies note that this supplement can help you maintain:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Triglyceride levels Your body will also be protected from chronic inflammation. While inflammation is a natural process of the body, when it’s chronic, it will lead to overall health damage. You’re at higher risk of impacting your health if you have chronic inflammation.

Physio Omega is a supplement that delivers a blend of key fatty acids:

  • DHA
  • DPA
  • EPA Designed for optimal benefits, the blend of fatty acids is able to nourish your body’s cells, protect your heart and may be able to improve your eye and brain health. The oil that’s found in Physio Omega is sourced from wild-caught sources that have an abundance of DPA (Menhaden). The oil is then distilled to provide the highest purity level in each capsule.

The company enforces a 300-point inspection to ensure that every capsule is toxin-free and fresh. If you’ve ever taken any other fish oil in the past, you know that fish burps are enough to turn your stomach. Ensuring the purity of Physio Omega allows for less of these fish burps and lowers the risk of the oils being rancid.

Manufacturer Information about PhysioTru Omega

PhysioTru Omega is manufactured by a Florida based corporation called PhysioTru. This product is claimed to significantly improve the health of your heart. Therefore the regular use of PhysioTru Omega will lower the risk of a heart attack. In addition, it functions to lower your bad cholesterol levels, increases your brain function and provides you with the energy that you require to stay energetic and productive throughout the whole day.

PhysioTru Omega Ingredients 

Are they Safe & Effective? Eicosapentaeonic acid (EPA) – EPA is a well-known omega-3 fatty acid and it is used to prevent serious conditions and to reduce the overall risk of coronary and heart conditions.

Docosahexaeonic acid (DHA) – DHA is another very prominent omega-3 fatty acid and it is mainly used to enhance the functioning of your brain. It is also very important for pregnant women.

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) – ALA is a part of the omega-3 fatty chain and it is mainly used to reduce the tension on your cardiovascular functioning and to provide general health benefits.

Coenzyme Q10 – This is great for your skin and it is one of the most important enzymes which will help you sustain the proper functioning of your entire body.

What are the Advantages of PhysioTru Omega?

PhysioTru Omega Omega-3 has the following advantages: The product might boost your energy as well as your stamina It might have beneficial effects on your heart health and cardiovascular system in general It might be able to reduce inflammation It could potentially improve your cholesterol levels It could help enhance the functioning of your brain and your overall memory performance

What are the Disadvantages of PhysioTru Omega?

There are no disadvantages associated with this product.     


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