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It is a simple work out specifically designed for adults by Debbie Siebers thus helping you to stay fit. It is a low impact and a simple workout to strengthen your muscles , improve the flexibility and helps in preventing injury. You can even get the DVD’s to watch and follow it on a regular basis.


It has other benefits which include :

  • It helps in strengthening muscles thus improving the flexibility
  • It reduces the pain in your joints and the pain caused by injuries.
  • It increases your metabolism
  • It keeps your heart healthy
  • Maintains your health
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Helps in burning fat
  • You will feel energetic as such an age which is really important
  • Proper circulation of blood flow



Though any type of exercise is not that easy to do since it is not meant for each and every kind of individual. It makes your joint stiff thus causing you pain and aches in different parts of the body but as well all know, each problem has its own solution, likewise it is highly recommended to try BODY DYNAMIX which is a low impact joint friendly work out so that you wont end up having pain yet the work outs are so simple that you will surely notice the difference by your own self. It dosnt matter if you know the right way to exercise at that age thus body dynamix makes it a lot easier for you since you will surely get a fit and healthy lifestyle without any pain. It aims in removing all the barriers which help your body to get better by providing easy workouts for your safety. Through this, not only you will notice a change in your body but you can actually make up your muscles without hurting your self.



There are simple workouts designed specially for you so that you can follow them easily without hurting yourself. The 7 simple workouts are as follows:

  • Body insurance: This workout helps in warming up of your muscles and increase the circulation of blood. Moreover, it focuses on the core, lower back, knees and shoulders thus helping you to increase the strength and improves the mobility, joint pain, prevents you from any kind of injury and boost up your immunity too.
  • Yoga flows and poses: This workout warms up your body and is considered to be one of the best exercise for anybody since it helps you to calm your brain and have a good mood for the entire day thus helping you to have a sound sleep.
  • Tone and walk: It helps in the flexibility of your upper back, chest, shoulders and arms. It also open up your muscles thus helping you to have a good circulation of blood flow and have a happy life in future since its main aim is to make you stronger.
  • Cardio walk: It helps in boosting your metabolism and burns your extra fat too.
  • Core walk: It is a walking based routine which helps in burning calories and keeps up your heart rate. You will sweat and burn your calories thus preventing you from getting any back injuries, stiffness in your muscles or joints and pain too.
  • Core on the floor: It is one of the effective exercise for having a strong core at such an age. It focuses on your abdominals and lower back thus helping you to create a strong core and keep you fit.
  • Restore and repair final: It is a mixture of many exercises which helps in bringing flexibility to the different parts of your body thus improving your blood flow, preventing you from getting stress and helping you to have a positive life in future.


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