5 SUPER QUICK YOGA ROUTINES AND POSES FOR BETTER SLEEP AND WHY Yoga is important for our health for the basic reason that everyone needs to be healthy in our lives. It is one of the best way as to how you can practice it daily and see an improvement in yourself. The best 5 super quick yoga routines and poses are : 1. UPSIDE DOWN RELAXATION : ( 0:00 - 0:02 ) • Sit facing a wall with your butt about 6 inches away from it. • You need to lie backwards and extend your leg towards the wall. • Kindly do not hurt yourself, stretch it accordingly and slide your butt farther away from the wall. • Let your arms rest, palms should face upwards and breathe gently. • You would surely feel the stretch at the back of your legs. 2. WINDING DOWN TWIST : ( 2:00 - 3:00 ) The first thing to remember is to sit cross-legged on the bed and exhale as you place the right hand on your left knee and left hand has to be kept on the bed behind your tailbone. • The second step to remember is Gently twist your torso towards the left. • Allow your gaze to follow, looking over through your left shoulder. Never stop to breathe so continue to breath deeply and then return to centre and then repeat it on the opposite side. 3. NIGHT TIME GODDESS STRETCH : ( 3:00 - 5:00 ) • Kindly lie on your back with knees bent • Place the soles of your feet together then you need to let your knee fall open forming a diamond shape with the help of your legs. • Do rest your arms on the bed itself • By chance you feel any strain do remember to elevate your legs by placing a pillow underneath your knee. 4. CHILD’S POSE : ( 5:00 - 7:00 ) • Comfortably sit up on your heels. • Roll your torso forward , bringing your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you. • Then lower down your chest as much closer to you knees as much you can since the first time you will try, it would get a bit difficult to do so. • Extend your arms in front of you. • Hold the pose right there and breathe. 5. ROCK-A-BYE ROLL : ( 7:00 - 8:00 ) • You need to lie your back and hug your knees in to chest. • Then cross your ankles and wrap both the arms around your shins with clasped hands. • Inhale and try to sit up while rolling back into the same positing, do not forget to exhale. • Continue this for 1 minute then roll back and extend your arms and legs. All these postures are way too beneficial for us and its all about your health at the end. Its just one day that can make you do all this and stay healthy throughout your life because if you plan to start and practice it as soon as possible, it will eventually become your habit to do so in future too. Moreover, it keeps you fit and active even after doing yoga for a long time since you will feel the freshness around you. All these yoga practices are meant to be done for a shorter time so start today before its too late.