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Lucent Skin Anti Aging
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Want younger looking skin? Try Lucent Skin Anti-Aging Cream

Who doesn’t want to look young and charming? But it is natural that with the passage of time, you face a lot of challenges to maintain your skin, I mean to say Skin care becomes a challenge. We are living in the 21st century which is basically the era of science and technology. So how come it is that they don't find any solution for such issues. For ageing issues, many companies have developed the concept of anti-ageing creams. Now the confusion is that which one is the best as there are so many anti-ageing creams out there in the market. 

Lucent Skin Anti-Aging cream is basically the product manufactured by Revitol which is a very well-renowned in the health and beauty sector. Based on the experience of people and reviews, it has been found that the products developed by this particular brand are best and are of high quality across the globe from 2002 itself. In the following subheading, we are discussing the ingredients used in this cream, i.e. Lucent Skin Anti-Aging cream.

Ingredients of Lucent Skin Anti-Aging Cream

Important/basic ingredients of this anti-ageing cream include the following products-

  • RITAPRO 165: It helps our skin to be properly moisturised as well as be elastic as per the natural requirement to avoid the tough skin. If the moisture of the skin is properly maintained, then our skin doesn't look like the skin of the old people. So we must use the anti-ageing creams with this ingredient so as our skin gets proper nourishment with the help of these creams. It also helps in the removal of the wrinkles from our skin.


  • MATRIXYL: This ingredient which is found in most of the anti-ageing creams actually help in stimulating the synthesis of collagen. It helps in skin repair by applying it over our body on a regular basis. Collagen is basically a type of protein. Some related skin products also use Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. But the problem with this compound is that it doesn't last for a long period of time. Rather the Matrixyl is a kind of ingredient which helps in providing the more effective skin treatment as compared to the other similar ingredients.


The University of Reading has done a survey and found that this product, i.e. matrix actually produces the collagen protein in double quantity as compared to the other such products and hence increase the elasticity of our skin if we apply it on a regular basis.


  • SHEA BUTTER: Last but not the least, Shea Butter also helps the skin to look natural for a longer period as it contains Vitamin F, E and A. In this way it is very important for our skin. It also provides protection from the ultraviolet rays and other acids. It helps in boosting the collagen too. Shea butter actually nourishes our skin properly and gives proper moisture too.

Therefore, we must choose the anti-ageing cream based on the above-mentioned ingredients just like Lucent skin anti-ageing cream


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