Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup

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Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup
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Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup

Tar Nil Syrup is a complete herbal blend from Amishi Naturals. Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup is also found effective in bronchitis. Amishi Tar-Nil is a combination of herbs tones up and give strengthen the respiratory organs and are useful in removal of deposited Tar, Toxins and cough. Amishi Naturals Tar -Nil Syrup and helps remove congestion Of Lungs, Smokers and tenacious cough Somlata .

Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup is a combination of well marked herbs that tone up and strengthen the respiratory organs.
Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup is useful in removal of deposited tar, toxins and cough.
Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup helps to lessen the congestion of lungs, smokers and tenacious cough.

  • Mulethi
  • somlata
  • Kantkari
  • Banapsha
  • Kayphal
  • Unav
  • Illachi
  • Giloy

1o Ml Twice a day with warm water or tea. Health Benefits of Amishi Naturals Tar-Nil Syrup

1. Store in a dry cool place.

2. Keep away from reach of children.

3.Do not overdose.

4. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Now smokers can clean their lungs out naturally. Here’s how

As nations develop and their people become richer, more people start to smoke. They do so because they are increasingly bombarded with advertisements telling them that smoking is ‘cool,’ and ‘offers a sense of freedom’ among other things. The nicotine in cigarette smoke is very addictive. This is why people who start to smoke often times either become chain smokers or smoke at least a pack of cigarettes a day. Many smokers enjoy smoking, but many find that the tar from cigarette smoke builds up in their lungs causing a variety of diseases and illnesses, including lung cancer. A new Ayurvedic medicine called Amishi Naturals Tar Syrup promises to make life for smokers better by cleaning the tar out of their lungs!

Benefits of Amishi Naturals Tar Nil Syrup :

  • Amishi Naturals Tar Nil Syrup is made out of natural herbs and it is useful for getting rid of tar from cigarette smoke from the lungs.
  • It also helps people suffering from chronic asthma and bronchitis (both of which can be caused, and/or exacerbated by smoking). These natural herbs strengthen the lungs by cleaning tar and its residues out of lungs.
  • This lessens the degree of lung damage that smokers sustain over long periods of smoking cigarettes. Amishi Natural Tar Nil Syrup offers its users many health benefits and users, for the most part, are satisfied with the product and happy with its results.
  • Amishi Tar-Nil is a combination of well marked herbs that tone up strengthen the respiratory organs and are useful in removal of deposited tar,toxins and cough.
  • It reduces viscosity and helps remove congestion of lungs,smokers and tenacious cough.It is also a cure for Bronchitis.

One user claimed complete success with Amishi Naturals Tar Nil Syrup by claiming that his 70+ year old grandmother who was asthmatic was referred to the product by a friend.  She started using it and noticed that her lungs cleared up dramatically in a relatively short period of time because her asthma attacks were not as frequent or intense. She also found that the syrup make her lungs stronger.  This allowed her to breathe better and have a better quality of life because she no longer needed her inhaler as much. Another user who was a chronic smoker claimed that the mucus began to come out of his lungs in excess after just five doses.  This person was very happy and satisfied with the product because he found both his health and quality of life improving dramatically and drastically after using the product for a short period of time.

Many with respiratory ailments which are either caused by natural factors, or by smoking are seeking a ‘wonder drug’ to improve the overall quality of their lives and improve their health.  They may well have found this ‘wonder drug’ in the form of Amishi Naturals Tar Nil Syrup!


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